As costs associated with owning a brick and mortar veterinary practice skyrocket beyond the means of single practitioners,  the independent veterinarian is becoming rare.  While brick and mortar veterinary practices become increasingly corporate in nature,  these practices increase the complexity and prices of their services to cover their rising costs. Those veterinarians who choose to work for themselves are more often moving to house call practices.

House call veterinarians are not all the same.  Many veterinarians make home visits entirely alone with a vet bag, a portable scale, injectable sedatives, vaccines in their vehicle’s cooler and a prescription pad, relying on commercial pharmacies for medications, far away reference labs for test results and associated brick and mortar practices for procedures.

When you schedule a visit with our practice, Dr. Leeming and his assistant, arrive in our full function mobile clinic.  We can draw blood for biochemical analysis and have the results in fewer than 15 minutes.  We can perform fecal examinations for parasites, heart worm tests, urinalysis, and microscopic analysis in our clinic allowing Dr. Leeming to diagnose and treat your animals in real-time, without waiting days for test results.  In addition to a full array of injectable sedatives, and a reasonable in-house pharmacy, we are equipped to use gas anesthesia with  endotrachael intubation, supplementary oxygen and electronic monitoring of your pets vital signs for surgical and dental procedures.  We have full body and dental digital radiography for on the spot imaging (“X-Rays”).  Additionally, we do not rely merely on hand tools for dentistry but have a fully powered dentistry table just like a human dentist enabling us to perform a full dental.

What sets us apart?  We aren’t just a home visit or house call veterinarian, but a full service mobile clinic that comes to you.

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