There is no substitute for observing an animal in its home environment to get a complete picture of their well being


  • We bring a fully Equipped Clinic with onboard diagnostics, pharmacy, and exam room for same day, on site diagnosis and treatment bringing relief to your pet sooner.

  • You get more time with the Veterinarian during the visit

  • You save time: You stay at home, we come to you.

  • Less stress for your pet: no traveling, no waiting rooms, and no exposure to sick animals or people.

  • Ideal for multiple pet households, senior pets and owners, and families with small children.

  •  Offers the same services as most land-based small animal practices.

  • Onboard diagnostics include: blood chemistry analyzer, digital full body and dental radiography, and laboratory

  • Lower operating costs mean savings for you.

  • Referrals to specialty clinics for advanced diagnostics, surgical procedures or specialty treatments.